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When a family are brought to a large estate after their Father’s death they are read his will with an odd clause – they each get a share of his immense fortune on the condition they spend 30 days on the estate with no outside world contact. What could possibly go wrong?

I absolutely devoured The Homecoming, I started it in the morning and finished it before I went to sleep (whilst still going to work and wishing I could read it there as well!) It’s a really refreshing take on the traditional horror genre, which I must admit I had quite given up on at the moment. The Homecoming is a nice mix of genres; there’s an element of family-trapped-in-house-in-the-woods horror which has some genuinely very scary moment in it at times. There is also an interesting take on family dynamics and psychology as well which adds a different, sinister undercurrent to the story. The plot then takes a quick dip into sci-fi at the end (no spoilers!) in a way that was really enjoyable with a twist I did honestly not see coming.

Aaron is a good and interesting narrator and there’s a nice mix of characters who are interesting and well-rounded in their own right although you never get to see the world through their eyes. This does lead to an air of unease as there are some secrets not told until the end. The tale twists and turns and delves into places I did not see coming at all – what a rollercoaster of a read!

Overall The Homecoming is a great read – engaging and full of twists and turns – highly recommended! Thank you to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster UK for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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