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CUCKOO - *****




When Caro’s stepmother dies she finds herself living back in her old house as she sorts out the affairs of the women who made her childhood miserable. But what secrets are lurking in the house for her to find?

I always a love a good psychological thriller but they can feel a little samey after a while. For the first half of Cuckoo I thought this might be the case as I correctly guessed one of the main twists. However the later part of the book completely took me by surprise and the ending (no spoilers!) was enough to bring it up to a 5 star review. It also had a very clever marketing campaign on NetGalley of not revealing the title or author until after you requested it but I suppose this wont work too well after it gets released!

The narration of Cuckoo can get a little confusing at times, Caro the main character is a bit of an unreliable narrator with an overactive imagination and a tendency to be a bit paranoid and overreact to the circumstances presented. I liked the inclusion of dark fairy tales which are one of Caro’s illustration commissions which get interwoven into the story. I also liked the description of Caro painting and the dark images she feels she needs to get out onto the canvas. At times the book takes a dip into the horror genre as well and its atmosphere and setting is unsettling throughout.

Overall it’s a twisty read with an interesting narrative voice and a great ending. Thank you to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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