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When Steve Berry turns up dead after a failed suicide the week before, the question is asked. Did he jump this time or was he pushed?

Perfect Crime is the 5th book in the DI Callanach series and I think it does have some important plot points to the overall series arc, rather than being a standalone piece. You’d be better off at least reading the last book to get some context than jumping straight into this one. As someone who has read some of the previous books there are some really nice payoffs in Perfect Crime in relation to the series as a whole. That said, the standalone murder investigation into suicide cases is gripping and rather gruesome! As usual I really enjoyed the chemistry between our main characters Ava and Luc and like the fact they are developing as the series goes along rather than just being a prop for the cases. I liked how the chapters switched perspectives to the victims and we get to see into their state of mind which was interesting and well crafted.

I think my only criticism with the piece was the fact that the perpetrator (no spoilers) was both a little predictable but also a little left field. I correctly guessed who it would be about 15% of the way into the book but found that when the chapters switched perspective to that character’s view you got someone who had a completely different personality from the person it is unmasked to be. The other mystery in the book from the smaller case they are investigating at the same time really surprised me though and I did not see the twist to that coming at all.

Overall Perfect Crime is a great installment in the DI Callanach series; read the other ones first and enjoy this dark and gruesome read. Thank you to NetGalley & Avon Books UK for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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