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***** - Day One




Marty told the reporters that she saw it happen. She saw the gunman enter the hall. She saw her mother die trying to protect them all.

That’s the version of Day One Marty wishes was true.

But strange inconsistencies in her story begin to surface. Details that don’t add up. Questions she can’t answer.

The story ignites. Amidst the media frenzy, conspiracy theorists become obsessed with exposing what really happened. And at the epicentre of it all is a small community changed forever. Survivors crushed by guilt. Families torn in half. Outsiders consumed by the hunt for truth.

Each has their own version of Day One. Each must grapple with this tragedy, even as fanatics question whether it ever really happened at all.

But what did Marty really see?

And why would she lie?



When a school shooting happens in the sleepy town of Stonesmere, it sends shockwaves through the community and the repercussions will have an affect for years to come.

Day One is told through two main narratives – Marty, whose mother died on the day and Trent, a conspiracy theorist with a history in the town. There are some other perspectives brought in for a chapter or two which helped to give context or an outside perspective to the event, but they are our two main characters. The chapters also jump about in the timeline – from the day of the shooting itself (Day One) all the way through to Year 8 in a muddled order. This really worked well to keep suspense high as from the beginning you are aware that you aren’t being told the whole story, but the information is drip fed to you slowly which leaves you puzzling what you aren’t being told and the bigger picture is slowly revealed in bits and pieces which kept my engaged throughout.

The story really shows how conspiracy theories can spread and grow, as well how as politicians and famous figures can influence those around them and radicalise whole movements without officially being involved. This felt very current given the circumstances around the Royal family at the moment.

Overall, Day One is a gripping read which kept me trying to figure out the larger picture until the very last page. Thank you to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK, Harper Fiction and Hemlock Press for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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