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Lizzie and son Tom have moved away and are desperate to start a new life but what is lurking under the surface of the perfect new school that Tom has been enrolled in?

I must admit that I read a lot of psychological thrillers during the year and I’m getting to the point now where I can guess the twist and occasionally even guess the entire plot a few chapters in! Every now and again however, there comes a book that completely knocks me backwards with it’s ending and is a pleasure to read that I recommend thoroughly to everyone I come across as soon as I put it down. This year Don’t Tell Teacher is that book.

The plot is masterfully split between two perspectives – mother Lizzie and social worker Kate with flashbacks to Lizzie’s past with the violent Olly. There were times I had to physically put the book down as it was so upsetting to see the young son Tom being failed by the school, parents and social workers in turn. Kate’s perspective in particular was great and a nice insight into the lives of social workers who have far too many children on their case load and have to prioritise cases for the most obviously dangerous while avoiding those that may actually be just as bad or worse. No spoilers on here but the ending really shocked me and is such a great conclusion to the story which has a great pace throughout.

Overall Don’t Tell Teacher is one of my standout reads for 2019 and easily on my Kindig Gems list – grab a copy asap! Thank you to NetGalley & HQ for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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