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*** - Trust in Me






Sara seems to have it all - a thriving practice as a trauma counsellor, a comfortable home, a loving husband and two children. A world away from her troubled past. She's the only one who knows that her entire life is built on a lie.


Until a new patient confesses to a crime that hits too close to home. Sara is thrown into a quest to hide the truth: from her family, her co-workers, and most importantly, the police.


How can this person know about Sara's past? And how can Sara silence her before it's too late?

One thing is certain: she will do anything to keep her family safe.



As a therapist you meet all kinds of people and hear all kinds of stories, but when Sara hears a new patient confess to a murder, the details sound a little too familiar…

Trust In Me is a cat and mouse thriller of Sara, who has a murder hidden in her past, and Ella who seems hellbent on getting Sara to admit it. I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel, the tense scenes in the psychologist office as Ella is telling Sara’s story word for word. However, as the novel goes on it starts to get more and more convoluted and you have to suspend your disbelief in a lot of places.

The novel is mainly told from the perspective of Sara, who isn’t really much of a likeable character. She makes some silly decisions and has a tendency towards violence which makes you wonder if she might be an unreliable narrator. The plot only really works if you are rooting for Sara and I’m afraid I wasn’t. There aren’t a lot of other characters to be onside with either which might be why I wasn’t as engaged with it as I could be. Sara doesn’t like sister-in-law Stephanie, so we don’t either, Ella is shady and her husband Jack seems aloof and distant. There are also chapters from the perspective of two hitmen who have been hired into this mess as well. I didn’t really understand why these perspectives were included, they did little to advance the plot and I found myself wanting to skim past them.

The book dragged a little in the middle and there were some repetitive phrases used throughout which didn’t help the pace. I didn’t initially guess the main twist but the ending is very rushed and didn’t feel realistic at all with a lot of smaller ‘twists’ and misdirection.

Overall, Trust in Me is a cat and mouse thriller but has rather an unrealistic conclusion and unlikeable characters which hampered my enjoyment. Thank you to NetGalley & Hodder & Stoughton for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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