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***** - The Woman on the Ledge




A woman falls to her death from a London bank's twenty-fifth-floor roof terrace.

You're arrested for her murder.

You tell the police that you only met the victim the previous night at your office party. She was threatening to jump from the roof, but you talked her down.

You've got nothing to do with tragedy.

You're clearly being framed.

So why do the police keep picking holes in your story? Even your lawyer doesn't seem to believe you.

It soon becomes obvious that you're keeping secrets.

But who are you trying to protect? And why?



The Woman on the Ledge was my first ARC for 2024 and what a great choice to start the New Year off!

When Tate Kinsella helps a woman down from the ledge on the 25th floor of her office building at her office party, she thinks she’s done a good deed. However, when she’s then arrested for murder, a new narrative starts to emerge which begs the question - who can be trusted?

The Woman on the Ledge is an extremely twisty thriller and is perfectly paced and well plotted to keep you guessing and gasping at every turn. The story starts off giving us the events from one perspective but then adds more details and events in which leaves the reader on the backfoot and unsure which turn of events to believe.

The story is told in multiple parts, and we get chapters from multiple perspectives, but I didn’t feel that this affected the pace and I felt invested in both main characters. There’s not much else I can really say without giving too much away, it’s a dark story but there’s a good ending and it kept me hooked throughout.

Overall, The Woman on the Ledge was a great read to kick off 2024 and I highly recommend it. Thank you to NetGalley & Random House UK, Cornerstone & Century for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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