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Welcome to The Warehouse – a company that encourages its workers to become a part of the family. With housing, medical facilities, entertainment and food all in one place for workers to enjoy it seems like heaven to so many but what shady activities are lurking beneath the surface?

As a lover of books such as ‘The Circle’ and tv series such as ‘Black Mirror’, I was so excited to get the ARC for The Warehouse by Rob Hart. The blurb really pulled me in and got me excited and I was not left disappointed!

The worldbuilding in The Warehouse is first rate – I really got absorbed into the company of Cloud and what it was like to work there. I loved the way the narrative shows you exactly how a company could have been allowed to be as all-encompassing and powerful as it is. I liked the references to ‘historical’ events such as The Black Friday Massacres and how everything felt so close the reality it could be happening, or close to happening in our present day. I really enjoyed the way that the chapters of the book were broken down into themes – starting with a speech from the founder of the company, which then tied into a chapter from each of our protagonists who each have very different agendas. Of course, the similarities to actual companies such as Amazon could not be overlooked and the author explains the points he was trying to convey in the afterward which he succeeded in doing.

I felt I sympathised well with both the main characters of Zinnia and Paxton and I enjoyed their narratives. The book is nicely paced and never feels like it is overloading you with new information or intentionally alluding to secrets – everything is discovered at a good pace and the climatic conclusion is a really great ending to the book.

Overall The Warehouse is one of my Kindig Gems for 2019 – go and pick up a copy and see why! Thank you to NetGalley & Random House UK – Transworld Publishers & Bantam Press for a chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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