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***** - The Temple of Fortuna




This is the final book in The Wolf Den Trilogy - you can read my review of the first book HERE.

Amara's journey has taken her far; from a slave in Pompeii's wolf den to a high-powered courtesan in Rome. Though her story is not over yet.

While Amara plays for power in Rome's imperial palace, those dearest to her remain in Pompeii.

But is is AD 79, and mighty Mount Vesuvius is about to make itself known...



Since I received the ARC for The Wolf Den, I have been hooked on Elodie Harper’s depiction of Roman life – from the lavish palaces of Rome to the brothels of Pompeii. The Temple of Fortuna is the final instalment for this trilogy and sees the much-awaited events which have made Pompeii a famous ruin come to fruition.

The world which Harper has created always feels realistic and detailed, and this is certainly the case for The Temple of Fortuna as snippets of graffiti and extracts from writings are used as chapter headings and back up the events in the book. As always, Amara is an interesting and multi-faceted character and has grown so much since the first book which has made the series a pleasure to read. I did get a little bogged down with the sheer amount of characters in the first half of the book though, but as it is the final part of the trilogy I think there was a real need to wrap some of the storylines up.

I did think the first half felt very slow – we know where the events are heading, and the explosive twist doesn’t happen until 60% of the way through. There is some setting up of important events, but I think this might have benefitted from an edit down. I did really enjoy the dramatic events though and the book wraps up most of the threads from the trilogy really well. The ending is almost a cliff-hanger which was a little surprising and I wonder if we will see more from this world from Harper in future – I’ll be keeping an eye out!

Overall, The Temple of Fortuna is the explosive end to the trilogy that we have been hoping for! Thank you to NetGalley & Head of Zeus – Apollo for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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