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**** - The Last Resort




Two people.

Two sides of the story.

Whose do you trust?

When Erin and Will start having couples therapy, they hope it will fix the rift that has appeared out of nowhere in their marriage.

But their therapist Maggie can't work out whose version of the truth she can trust.

Then Erin is brought into hospital in a critical condition following a hit-and-run accident. Now everyone is desperate to unravel the truth.

Because if this isn't an accident, then someone close to Erin must be responsible . . .



The Last Resort tells the story of Erin and Will who start couples therapy with therapist Maggie when their seemingly perfect marriage starts to break down. Erin is convinced that Will is dangerous and Will is convinced Erin is going crazy – but which story should Maggie trust?

The book alternates perspectives between Erin and therapist Maggie which works well to keep the pace high and drip-feed information to the reader. These two perspectives are in flashback as both characters are unavailable to speak to in the present narrative. Instead, the present day is narrated by the police team who are also trying to work out who to trust. The fact that we know some of how the story ends - with a trip to the hospital and one character missing, really amps up the stakes.

I found myself sympathising with Erin and really feel that her husband should have been a little more understanding of her out of character outbursts. I think the lack of communication felt more like a plot device than a portrayal of a realistic marriage. I also found myself not really liking Maggie and found some of her behaviour, particularly towards the end of the book to be over the top and a little ridiculous.

The book did keep me gripped though and I flew through the pages to find out what had happened to the characters. I did not expect the ending, although I thought that one particular character felt a little shoe-horned into the plot to make the ending work. I also think this book has the wrong title – I’m not sure what ‘The Last Resort’ refers to and it makes it harder to recommend the book as I keep forgetting what it’s called!

Overall, The Last Resort is a gripping read, although it doesn’t feel realistic in places. Thank you to Netgalley & Random House UK - Cornerstone for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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