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When Avery finds out she’s inherited a fortune her life takes on a drastic change, but having never met the man who left his entire wealth to her, she is left to battle with his family to find out the truth…

Having never read a book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, I was compelled to request The Inheritance Games due to its plot. This book really is very similar to the movie of Knives Out, with a young adult and romance spin on it. I loved the rags to riches story and Avery felt like a truly relatable and realistic character. I always say that it really shows I enjoy a book by the speed that I read it and I raced through this in a day – it’s well written and engaging and fully held my interest throughout.

I really enjoyed that we never meet Avery’s best friend Max in person. Being monitored by her strict parents, Max has to edit her copious swear words (think ‘ducking’) which makes for a quirky read and endeared me to her as a character. My only critique would be that as the four central characters to the plot, the mysterious four brothers and love interests didn’t really feel that well defined as individuals. Grayson and Jameson in particular felt very interchangeable, which perhaps explains why Avery struggled to choose between them. The only one that stood out was Xander and he had the smallest part.

The plot kept all of its secrets very close to its chest throughout as new mysteries were introduced. It was paced very well though and never felt frustrating to the reader. I liked the puzzles aspect and it definitely kept me thinking to try and stay one step ahead. I had expected the book to be a standalone piece and although we get some answers, the cliff hanger sets up book two nicely. I can’t wait to read the next one when it comes out!

Overall, The Inheritance Games is a fast paced, puzzle-filled read that keeps you hooked throughout – highly recommended! Thank you to NetGalley & Penguin Random House Children’s UK for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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