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** - Supper for Six




When Lady Anderson invites five guests to her apartment in Bruton Square, Mayfair, none of the guests know why they have been summoned. And it isn't long before dinner turns DEADLY.

From the author of Twelve Motives for Murder comes another brilliant immersive murder mystery.

Supper for Six . . . but murder is on the menu

The mystery of Bruton Square has neve

r been solved. On that infamous night in 1977, six strangers were invited for dinner at Lady Sybil Anderson's Mayfair apartment. Only five made it out alive.

Welcome to Supper for Six, the true crime podcast. I'm your host, Felix.

Together, we'll uncover what really happened that night . . . Let's dig in.



Being a massive True-Crime podcast fan, I was excited to read ‘Supper for Six’, a locked room murder-mystery written as a podcast script.

A surprise party hosted by Lady Sybil Anderson with a hidden motive sees Doctor and Lawyer power-couple Agapanthus & Francois Langford, West End makeup artist Chrissy Crowley and her partner Jeremy and PI Elizabeth Chalice gathered for dinner. When one of them is murdered, questions will be asked! We join Felix Caerphilly on his podcast ‘Supper for Six’ as he tells us the story, interviews witnesses and tries to find out the truth.

Although I was initially excited to read this book, I actually found it quite hard to engage with. I’m not sure whether this was the story or the failing of the podcast format. With this format you don’t really feel like you properly get to know any of the characters, and I got them mixed up quite a lot to begin with. It’s also quite a slow start before the murder happens, although the host and characters already know everything about it (just as you would if you listened to a podcast about a famous case), and to a certain extent we are left a bit in the dark without any context to the information we are being presented with.

The plot itself is incredibly convoluted, with everyone having complex links to each other or lying about who they are. I found it all to be a bit far-fetched and unrealistic. I was so unengaged with the book that I found myself not really caring who did the crime or why they had done it and it didn’t leave me guessing who was responsible. There was supposed to be a bit of a twist at the end, but I didn’t think this was at all surprising – just confirming the person who was already the main suspect.

Overall, Supper for Six was not really my cup of tea – with an unrealistic plot and format I found it hard to engage with. Thank you to NetGalley & Hodder & Stoughton for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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