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**** - Payday



Late one night, three women share secrets.

They barely know each other, but they all know Jamie Lawrence. They know what he's guilty of. And they agree something must be done.

But as their plan spirals out of control, they begin to doubt themselves . . . and each other. Then Jamie is found dead. And suddenly everything is at stake. As lies are unravelled and truths exposed, two urgent questions emerge:

Who is really guilty?

And who will have to pay?



Payday is a twisty thriller focussing on three women and their relationship with their boss Jamie, who is slowly being exposed for the misogynistic, career-climbing egomaniac that he is.

The chapters alternate from each women’s perspectives and the characters are well built and detailed. They each had their own unique voice as well which really allowed us to get into their heads and understand their motivations. Some of them did make silly decisions at times but as a reader we bought into their plans and went along with them for the ride. There was also a time-jump with a hint of the ending told at the beginning and most of the rest of the plot told in flashback. This was a nice way of keeping you hooked at the beginning and worked well.

Although the book is quite short and the action does feel fast paced in places, I thought the middle of the book dragged a bit and got quite repetitive. The ending, by contrast felt almost too fast and I struggled to work out what was happening in parts. Giving away no spoilers there were a few decisions that came out of nowhere and seemed to have been made to have a hard-hitting twist rather than making sense from a character and backstory perspective. The final twist was a prime example of this for me and I finished the book with more questions than it answered!

Overall Payday is a twisty thriller which is engaging and you can devour in a few sittings! Thank you to Netgalley & Little Brown Book Group UK – Sphere for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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