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XX - *****


Angela Chadwick


Jules and Rosie are part of a brand new clinical trial which allows two women to have a child using their own DNA without needing a male donor. But their loyalty is tested as politicians, the press and the public begin to circle on their private lives.

I always know the makings of a great book when I sit down to review it and don’t write any notes, just find myself lost in the plot and enjoy reading the story. XX is a great premise, set in a future perhaps not too distant from our own but very much grounded in human relationships and struggles. I am straight and have never had children but I found the story relatable and moving non-the-less. The book covers a wide range of issues, from freedom of press, family loyalty, homophobia and politics but it never felt ‘preachy’ or over the top and the reactions to the characters felt real, if heart breaking.

Jules is a great character to lead us into the story – a pioneer in terms of being part of the study but it was nice to see her also being unsure of herself and what she wants which I think added to the reality of the plot. She’s also a journalist so that brings a new perspective and is an interesting way to introduce politics and debate without feeling intrusive.

Overall XX is an important read and is well crafted – it’s moving and relatable and thoroughly interesting – highly recommended. Thank you to NetGalley & Little Brown Group UK – Dialogue Books for a copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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